Colocation Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Canhost colocation service provides server security, network reliability and 24/7 customer service. With %99.999 up-time, SLA guaranteed clients can be assured their servers are online including 100 Mbps shared bandwidth.


All our colocation service options are fully customizable: bandwidth, power, and security are all configurable. You can order shared or dedicated bandwidth depending on your requirements. Our colocation service packages come with standard 15 Amp power, or take control and ramp it up to 30-60 Amp in redundant configuration, with remote management. Select a caged solution up to 20 Kw per square foot. Firewall services are also available. Use our in house Fortigate or order your own managed solution to harden your setup as needed.

Canhost provides industry leading data security and availability services to customers worldwide from our custom facility in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The Details

This type of hosting services is a cost effective alternative to building and maintaining your own data facility. There is a sharing of the infrastructure already in place such as cooling, security, a working LAB area and a large amount of storage space is available for use. Multiple users can connect to a variety of internet providers and store equipment at a central location. There is greater bandwidth capacity which enhances access speed through the internet connections. Hosting Customers can update and upgrade equipment at will. Performance is guaranteed because you determine hardware specifications and packages such as managed ip services from the colocation provider.

Canhost Inc, provides you with regulated redundant power, cooling solutions, internet up-links for your server(s),CanHost Server Racks security, and allows you physical access to the building when needed. Fibre-guide and power cables are located in a separate trays area away from the racks. The air conditioning units are used to control both humidity and temperature so that the hosting client hardware will not be compromised from environmental changes. Controlling the air temperature space means that server components are kept at manufacturer’s specifications. To provide redundancy (the duplication of critical components of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system in the case of a backup or fail-safe) fibre optic cables enter the colocation facility at multiple locations from multiple providers. If one bundle is damaged internet communications can still be maintained.

Kelowna ‘s Canhost facility offers high security, video surveillance, and fire detection services. There are no windows in the data storage area and access cannot be gained without the proper security codes and access cards. Smoke detectors have been installed to provide immediate warning of potential fire hazards. Passive protection elements include the installation of fire walls and the use of non flammable building materials to limit any chance of fire. Employees personally escort hosting Clients into the locked colocation facility.

Canhost’s backup power generator, which runs on natural gas\propane fuel, ensures that hosting customers have high availability for all web based business needs should a power outage happen.

Kelowna Transmission Lines, the generator starts automatically if a failure or voltage drop should occur and is regularly serviced to keep it in optimal condition. All utility resources have been exclusively installed for the colocation facility and are regularly maintained and tested. Battery backup systems are in place as well for generator transition. This along with a maintenance bypass gives us an N+1 power infrastructure. colocation Phase 1 is wired to provide up to 10 Kilowatts per sq.ft.Canhost client have hosting options Hosting Clients also have the option to install smaller UPS’s in their own racks.

The West Coast Kelowna location of Canhost Inc. colocation facility services, provides a safe environment, disaster avoidance, redundant connections, and data backup options. Highly skilled on-site staff are available to solve any technical problems that occur. This means that hosting customers can be confident that their data and business operations are secure yet available.

This BC and Western Canadian Dedicated hosting colocation services at Canhost Inc. has options and plans to fit your specific needs and budget. They include not limited to:

  • Network and Facility Security
  • LAB work area
  • Self servicing of your system remotely
  • Data Center services 24/7 (monitoring, online backups, remote hands)
  • Managed services of your server by Canhost Inc.
  • Web-based software
  • Tech Support and system administration 24/7/365
  • services plans that offer individual racks, vertical cages, and choice of full to quarter cages
  • Installation of smaller UPS’s in client racks
  • Affordable, competitive and scalable bandwidth
  • (Scalability is the ability of the company to handle an increased need, in this case,bandwidth)
  • High speed network
  • Back-up generator, climate control, and fire suppression
  • Customization of all elements
  • Inexpensive Hydro Power