Create Domain forwarding (URL Redirect)

We provide a free domain redirect service with the purchace of any of our domain names. Unlike other providers our redirecting is a true url forwarding solution. (example http://www.example.tdl redirects a browser to http://www.canhost.tdl)

Warning: The Canhost DNS management tools unlike other providers gives you compleate contoll of your dns entries and reverse dns entries. If you feel at all overwhelmed please feel free to open a support ticket. One of our client service technichians will be happy to complete the request for you.


1.First your DNS needs to be set to one or all of our DNS server clusters.  NS1.MANAGEDNS.CA




Than under the "My DNS" section of your client area you can create and modify dns record entries for your domain. (if you have just set the above domain servers remember it can take up to 72hrs for the changes to reflect world wide.)

2. Standard records apply if possible run a template creation. (standard records shown below, delete records not listed)

3. The type of record you want to create is a URL record for your domain e.g

DNS-records of SILICONVINEYARD.CA | Lines: 6 | Last update: 2012-10-20
ID Name Type Content TTL Prio Last update Action
1 A 12-10-20 Delete
2 NS 12-10-20 Delete
3 NS 12-10-20 Delete
4 NS 12-10-20 Delete
5 NS 12-10-20 Delete
6 SOA 12-10-20 Delete

4. Now we need to redirect clients who come to this domain, lets create the records.

  Name Type Content TTL Prio Action  

leave the first field blank - Change the Type field to "URL" Content is the website page you would like to point to including http, copy and past from the browsers address bar the link if it is difficult to type. eg.

  Name Type Content TTL Prio Action  

Click "Save"


5. Lets point any requests now to the www.yourdomain.tdl to the url as well. Inthe first field type  www in "Type" select URL and the Content type the url. Click save


  Name Type Content TTL Prio Action  

6. Your are done! you may also enter any subdomain you whish to redirect to a new page. e.g PROMOTION.yourdomain.tdl to a promotion page.


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