The Heart Bleed Exploit SSL

This announcement is for VPS and Dedicated Clients! Priotrity HIGHplease read the following if you require assistance with the updates open a support ticket. Canhost shared clients that do not manage the server systems and were not affected.If you are at all concerned with your site recreate your private key and ... Read More »

8th Apr 2014
Wordpress Security

Hello Everyone, Looks like there was a security issue with the better-wp-security plugin. More details at the link below, but basically it allowed hackers to execute code and insert infomation into the database, it's been patched as long as your running latest version you should be ... Read More »

3rd Mar 2014
Wordpress Distributed brute force attack

As of 11am eastern time this morning we are monitoring the largest distributed brute force attack on WordPress installations that we've seen to date. The real-time attack map on became so busy that we've had to throttle the amount of traffic we show down to 4% of actual traffic. A brute force attack is when an attacker tries ... Read More »

10th Feb 2014
Word Press Compromise UPDATE YOUR Word Press Install

Please Update your wordpress installation as soon as possible. There is a compromise adding an index.html file to your root directory! We will post more information shortly.The compormise uploads an Index.html file this file can be deleted to bring your site online. ( DO NOT delete index.php)we recommend two plugins for your ... Read More »

31st Dec 2013
Advanced Mail Client

Graphical User Interfaces have been updated for the advanced mail web interface. As well company Instant Messenger has also been added to the interface to keep in contact with other mail domain members!

Support Team

27th Oct 2013
Updates to Remote Secure Backup Clients

Over the next few days clients using the encrypted remote backup system may notice Graphical User Interface changes as there clients will update. Do not be alarmed this is an automated update to bring more features to the system.

Supprt Team

27th Oct 2013
New Fiber Intergration

Canhost has began intergrating a new telus Fiber connection directly to the Telus Boarder Network. This connection has been active on a singel /24 for testing and is now ready for intergration to our Boarder on a greater scale. Starting this evening we will begin merging more BGP routes to this interface. These changes should cause no interuption ... Read More »

21st Aug 2013
Array 15 Storage Node Maintenance

Array15 will be offline this afternoon for 4 hours. July 28th  This is required for system updates and storage expansion Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Canhost Provisioning Team

18th Jul 2013
Word Press Sites Attacks UPDATE

To help midigate the attacks add the plugin Login limiter to your word press install. at Canhost support began to notice login attempts to word press from multiple ip addresses this week. The nature of the attempts and the large number of ip addresses the attempts were bypassing normal ... Read More »

13th Apr 2013
Cpanel and Updated Microsoft Partner status

We are happy to announce our Network Operations Centre Partnership with Cpanel and our renewed Microsoft Partner. This enables us to provide savings on licensing for hosted solutions and a direct line of support for our clients on these platforms.

Canhost / I-Guru Team.

6th Mar 2013