.CA Domain Names can be registered in French starting JAN 13 2013

Starting JAN 13 2013 .ca domain names can be registered in French through Canhost. 

9th Jan 2013

It has come to our knowledge that a internet scam has been using Canhost's Trademark. Some individuals (non clients) have received unsolicited emails referring to a refund from Canhost. These are phishing emails and are not affiliated with Canhost or it subsidiaries. Closer inspection will show the email did not ... Read More »

8th Jan 2013
Dedicated Mail Hosting system upgrades

We are pleased to announce to our dedicated mail and legacy clients updates to the mail system. These updates include imap or pop support. Shared Calendars, file download links, for the organization. New individual and domain wide spam settings and many more features. Please call support or open a ticket for more information.

Canhost Team

2nd Jan 2013
CIRA Module is updated and online (New Management Options Available )

The CIRA module is active for direct management of .ca domains with the CIRA registry. DNS servers can be modified and created as well as IPV6 support. 

13th Dec 2012
***Domain Registry Of Canada SCAM***

They are at it again trying to scam .ca clients into transfering there domains to them at 3 times the price in coming years. Please be aware Canhost is your registrar the registry is CIRA or Canadian Internet Registration Authority. In no way are you required to pay there invoice if sent to you.

29th Nov 2012
Microsoft Security Essentials

  Your antivirus slowing down your computer and devices? Making your computer unusable? Having strange internet issues, sending or receiving emails? Many people don’t know for windows users Microsoft has a FREE antivirus software I have used for a year now called Microsoft Security Essentials. There are many products on the market these days ... Read More »

15th Aug 2012
.CA Scam Message from CIRA

  Dear Registrars, CIRA  has received reports of an online scam, wherein “renewdomain.ca” is sending out fake email renewal notices to .CA Registrants. “Renewdomain.ca” is not a CIRA Certified Registrar and is fraudulently posing as the Registrant’s Registrar in an attempt to obtain payment from the Registrant. The email ... Read More »

9th Aug 2012
CIRA Module in finale beta testing

Our CIRA module is in final beta testing. This will allow direct intergration to CIRA for registrations contact updates and DNS server changes. We appriciate the pactiance as we have been developing the module.

31st Jul 2012
FBI DNS servers to be shut down July 9

This CBC article describes the FBI DNS servers are to be shut down shut down July 9th. A year ago the FBI caught a fraud group that were changing computers dns server settings to use servers that would manipulate internet requests. When they were caught the FBI made these servers ligitimate to prevent computer outages. On July 9th the FBI will ... Read More »

4th Jul 2012
IPV6 Canhost

We are proud to announce we are ahead of schedule with our IPV6 roadmap !! Learn More on IPV6 We have our American Internet Number Allocation and have created a tunnel from our boarder routers to Hurricane Electric for full BGP peering. Customers wishing to take part in the beta implimitation please contact support to request an IPV6 ... Read More »

29th May 2012