Which Control Panel Am I Using? Windows Plesk, or Linux cPanel?

When you order your hosting package you will select a control panel, either with Windows or Linux, and then you are sent a confirmation email with details of your order. Without checking the email, you may see your hosting packages by logging into the Client Area of canhost.ca, and then navigating to the 'Services' button at the top of the page. Inside you will find your active hosting services, including control panel subscriptions.

For Windows shared hosting we use the Plesk, or Parellels, control panel. When you login the title bar at the top says Parellels this is a windows IIS (Internet Information Services) hosting account.

For Linux servers, we use cPanel to let you manage your account.

We provide flash tutorials for both control panels. If you are still unsure, please check with support by opening a ticket!

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