What Are Some Account Basics?

We'll explain some basic procedures and steps to use your account.

Username and Passwords:
Your username and a link to reset your password is provided in the welcome email you received with your account activation. We recommend updating your password every month. You have credentials to login to the Client Area of canhost.ca, and credentials to access your website control panel (cPanel or Plesk).

If you are changing your nameservers from another host to those provided by CanHost, the Domain Name System (DNS) update will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for changes to be reflected worldwide ("DNS Propagation"). If your site has a dedicated IP address, you may access your site by typing it directly into the URL bar. Most clients use shared IP addresses that provide near-indistinguishable performance.

To access your website control panel, you can login through the Client Area of your CanHost profile, and find your cPanel under 'Services', or you could simply enter the following in your URL bar:


* Replacing "your_domain.com" with your actual domain name, or with a dedicated IP address (if applicable).

You can upload the files that you want to make web-accessible to the "public_html" directory in your account. DO NOT delete files that have been created by the system or your account may cease to work!

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