What is a Blog?

There is a lot of talk these days about having a blog, but for those of us that have been too busy to investigate, what is a blog anyways?

A blog is a place where you are free to share anything that you want, within reason of course! Most blogs take on the form of written anecdotes, tutorials, guides and more - made by people just like you! The word Blog comes from "web-log", and is a place for people to make written posts, share pictures, embed videos, or link other content creators!

Blogs are updated regularly, and can range from having almost no traffic to millions of loyal viewers. They contain information related to a specific topic, and often evolve and take on new forms as the content creator(s) change and grow. The contents of blogs include people's personal lives, political views, or even as social commentaries.

Social Media has taken the world by storm, and much of the functionality of blogs has been integrated across many different platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit. However, independently operated blogs remain an invaluable resource for free speech and information sharing. In many ways blogs represent the philosophy of the internet; connecting people to people with something to share.

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