Transfer Domains from your CanHost Account with EPP Code

To transfer a domain registration away from your CanHost account, you will follow roughly the same procedure outlined in our article "Transfer Domain Registration to CanHost with EPP Code", the main difference being that your domain name and EPP code will be entered on the client page of the target hosting website, not CanHost. If you are sharing your EPP code digitally, please take the appropriate precautions to ensure that it is not intercepted.

  1. Ensure that the domain you wish to transfer has its 'Registrar Lock' disabled
  2. De-activate any enabled WHOIS privacy protections within 'Addons' (not applicable for .ca)
  3. Record your domain-specific EPP code.
  4. Navigate to target hosting website, and follow their prompts for domain transfer.

Please note that:
- You will be prompted to pay for the next years registration for the domain, it is best to transfer domains at the end of your billing cycle.
- .com .net .org etc. domains can take a week to transfer successfully, whereas .ca domains transfer instantly in general.

A 60-day wait period before transferring a domain is incurred after any of the following:
- Issuing a new domain registration
- Transferring a domain to another person
- Changing any of your domain registrant contact information

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