How do I Manage a Specific Domain?

All of the domains that you have registered with your CanHost account are individually configurable. This tutorial will cover the Manage section from the My Domains page.

The links found below redirect to CanHost's Knowledgebase articles on that subject.

  1. Auto Renew
  2. Nameservers
  3. Registrar Lock
  4. Addons
  5. Contact Information
  6. Private Nameservers
  7. Manage DNS
  8. Get EPP Code

Our very first step is to get to the Manage Specific Domain section, and so we need to log in to the Client Area of our profile. One logged in, you will see four buttons at the top, labeled 'Services', 'Domains', 'Tickets', and 'Invoices'. Click on 'Domains'.

Here in 'My Domains', all of your domains registered with your CanHost account will be displayed. Click on the red wrench on the right hand side to manage a specific domain.

We have navigated to our domain-specific manager! Here is our starting point where we will configure our domain settings from.

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