Canadian Facilities

The Kelowna, British Columbia-based CanHost’s facilities were built from the ground up with the purpose of offering secure, high-availability data storage and hosting services. CanHost, which offers some of the most competitive electricity prices in North America, makes use of separated transformers, fire guard construction, and green BC hydroelectric power. The complex, which includes the corporate offices, is secured by advanced fire detection + suppression systems, 24/7 video surveillance, our regularly maintained natural gas generator and UPS systems.

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Since Kelowna is surrounded by mountains, is 1129 feet above sea level, and is located in a geologically stable region, it has been chosen as the best site in Canada for electronic data storage and web hosting. Natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or significant storm systems pose minimal to no risk to Kelowna.

Canadian Content

Unbeknownst to their customers, a startling number of Canadian hosting firms and ISPs have outsourced or sold their web hosting clients to US and foreign interests. Outsourcing mail services, data backups, and/or extra product offers without disclosure is another worrying development in the sector. We are obligated and compliant with the Federal and Provincial Privacy Acts as a Canadian company that gathers personal data from Canadian residents.

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The gathering and use of data outside of Canada frequently violates Canadian privacy laws. An illustration of this is how the American Patriot Act hinders our capacity to determine whether a third party has accessed our personal data, particularly when dealing with US-affiliated (or controlled) businesses that conduct business within Canadian borders. The best course of action for us is to encourage critical thinking in our communities and support continuous data privacy education.

Meet Our Partners!

All services are offered by CanHost from our highly secure Canadian facilities. We are in charge of managing security and service delivery across the network and application delivery.

We provide enterprise and small organizations worldwide with a variety of solutions, from straightforward web hosting to dedicated cloud server clusters. We protect personal client data with backups for people and enterprise client data with Veeam cloud backup and replication services.

With our email solutions, which range from basic IMAP to hosted Exchange, you can secure your communications while taking advantage of our fully managed IT services and consulting.

Why Choose Us

Free Setup + Migration

We are ready to help set up your account and move your site. You will receive these services with no extra fees or charges.

Superior Support

24/7 Assistance. We are available when you need us.

No Hidden Fees, Ever!

We don't have any hidden costs because nobody likes them.

Uptime Is Priority

If there is ever an issue with your website, we are here to make sure it is fixed right away!

Control Panel Included

Every shared hosting account includes the most recent Plesk or cPanel version. You may easily complete everyday chores like creating email accounts and managing MySQL databases thanks to this.

280+ Install Scripts

All of our hosting accounts enable one-click installation of well-liked programs including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Your program can be upgraded just as easily!

GIT/SVN Support

Version control solutions are a favourite among web developers. On our servers, all of our hosting accounts have access to GIT and SVN command line tools. To begin, just ask for SSH access.

Latest PHP & MySQL

The most recent reliable and safe versions of PHP and MySQL are used on our network. We also put rigorous firewall and security regulations in place to guard your website around-the-clock from unauthorized visits.


Secure & Reliable

CanHost takes pride in its physical security and power redundancy measures as its own data facility. We don't rely on the policies and practices of other organizations.

Super Fast

Your data will be sent to the end user in a flash thanks to the best server hardware, capacious solid state drives, and integrated fibre optic networking.

Customer Support

Our committed staff of sector experts is accessible around-the-clock to help you set up your website or business, respond to inquiries, or troubleshoot.