Why .ca from Canhost ?

Canhost has been a member with CIRA since they first started! We are registrar number 36!

.CA is the domain extension associated with Canada. It’s safe, secure, trusted and uniquely Canadian.

Using .CA for your website or email delivers big benefits:

.CA is the only domain name extension that identifies you as Canadian, which is an invaluable asset. It’s the Canadian flag on your backpack for your online presence. Why does the Canadian identification matter? It is trusted by Canadians and international audiences recognize it as trustworthy place to do business.

Canadians prefer to visit and shop at .CA websites. Surveys show it, and the money spent by Canadians on the Internet proves it. More than 60% of Canadians say they would rather shop at a .CA website. Canadians trust Canadians, and shopping with in Canada means shipping is quicker and cheaper.

Worldwide, Canada is respected, with a strong legal and regulatory framework. A .CA web site is recognized internationally as a uniquely Canadian symbol for businesses and institutions.

.CA domain names are safe, secure and maintained by an independent national registry.

Because .CA is exclusively Canadian, you can get the short, unique name you need to stand out among the crowd, and accurately reflect your business.

If you already have a .com, .org, .net or other domain name extension, getting .CA version allows you to protect your online presence, and increase your chances of showing up in search results.