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Our support team is dedicated to providing the solutions you require – reach out to us through live chat, telephone, and ticket message support!

We are always here to assist you with any issues you may encounter. You can easily reach out to us through live chat, telephone, or ticket message support, and we’ll be happy to help you.

At CanHost, we monitor all the computer hardware, OS activity, bandwidth use, and power consumption to ensure everything is running smoothly. We run our facilities, so we don’t rely on outside parties to fix or debug potential faults. Our team manages our own servers, routers, DNS, firewalls, and IP space to ensure everything works as it should.

We recommend adding our RSS feed and Twitter account for real-time monitoring updates if you’re a network administrator. All computer hardware, OS activity, bandwidth use, and power consumption to ensure everything is working as it should. We don’t rely on outside parties to fix or debug potential faults because we run our facilities. CanHost manages its own servers, routers, DNS, firewalls, and IP space. Network administrators are urged to add our RSS feed and Twitter account for real-time monitoring.

CanHost Canadian services are delivered in-house.

Did you know that many service providers outsource their services without informing the end customers? It’s a concerning trend. For instance, the biggest ISPs in Canada that offer email and hosting services do so through an American company. However, CanHost is different. They offer, maintain, and deliver their services through their employees based in Canadian facilities. Additionally, to ensure uninterrupted services and faster access for Canadian fiber carriers, CanHost provides a variety of routes to their clients. This means you can enjoy the least amount of network delay, thanks to their connections with ISPs.

CanHost uses top-of-the-line hardware.

CanHost offers you greater value for your money and delivers what you need to grow and be successful, including Cisco routing equipment, cutting-edge Intel motherboards and processors, Kingston RAM, and huge 1TB+ SSDs. We offer internal high-availability, secure routed email, DNS administration, and IT services, from registering your domain name to publishing applications.

Our Facilities

Redundancy: the duplication of critical components of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, in the case of a backup or fail-safe.

In the event of a power failure, our Liebert’s NPower uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with S+S redundancy provides ample time for our stand-by dedicated natural gas generator to come online. Nothing short of a complete catastrophic system-wide failure could render a server offline.

We have a dedicated 1 MW green hydro power feed, ensuring our access to abundant power. Kelowna Transmission Lines start the generator automatically if a failure or voltage drop occurs, with battery backup systems in place for generational transition. The generator is regularly tested and inspected to ensure its optimal operating condition.

Unlike other data centres located in shared facilities, CanHost’s natural gas generator is not a shared resource. There is sufficient electrical generating capacity in the event of a major power failure.

Access to the CanHost data centre is strictly controlled by multi-layered electronic security and on-site personnel.

CanHost utilizes video surveillance, as well as motion and breach alarms. We closely monitor air conditioning and climate control – ensuring that environmental changes will not compromise hosting client hardware and that our server components are maintained at the manufacturer’s specifications for optimal use. For further insight into our security protocols, please contact a sales executive.

CanHost’s dedicated Fire Monitoring and Alarm System will automatically detect and signal the presence of smoke or fire, alerting staff and local fire officials.

Unlike most other providers’ facilities, there are no water sprinkler systems located in CanHost facilities. There is no plumbing installed above or within the data vault. Tested CO2 extinguishers are readily accessible. Passive protection elements include both the installation of firewalls and the use of non-flammable building materials to limit any chance of fire.

CanHost is located 410 meters above sea level and situated at elevations higher than the waterways nearby.

CanHost’s Data Centre is outside any flood zone. The facilities are situated in a high-elevation location, well above the flood zone for our local creeks and waterways. Much of our local competition does not have that same advantage and is located right next to flooding sources in the flood zone.

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Free Setup + Migration

We are ready to help set up your account and move your site. You will receive these services with no extra fees or charges.

Superior Support

24/7 Assistance. We are available when you need us.

No Hidden Fees, Ever!

We don't have any hidden costs because nobody likes them.

Uptime Is Priority

If there is ever an issue with your website, we are here to make sure it is fixed right away!

Control Panel Included

Every shared hosting account includes the most recent Plesk or cPanel version. You may easily complete everyday chores like creating email accounts and managing MySQL databases thanks to this.

280+ Install Scripts

All of our hosting accounts enable one-click installation of well-liked programs including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Your program can be upgraded just as easily!

GIT/SVN Support

Version control solutions are a favourite among web developers. On our servers, all of our hosting accounts have access to GIT and SVN command line tools. To begin, just ask for SSH access.

Latest PHP & MySQL

The most recent reliable and safe versions of PHP and MySQL are used on our network. We also put rigorous firewall and security regulations in place to guard your website around-the-clock from unauthorized visits.


Secure & Reliable

CanHost takes pride in its physical security and power redundancy measures as its own data facility. We don't rely on the policies and practices of other organizations.

Super Fast

Your data will be sent to the end user in a flash thanks to the best server hardware, capacious solid state drives, and integrated fibre optic networking.

Customer Support

Our committed staff of sector experts is accessible around-the-clock to help you set up your website or business, respond to inquiries, or troubleshoot.